With our own fabrication facility and
several years experience we bring an
advantage being able to fabricate for
us and our clients needs.  No long
waits on orders, which is ever present
in today’s market.  With estimations
from analysts saying this boom will
continue for the unseeable future
strategic partnerships are the key for
your market success.
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P.O. Box 700
7525 US Higway 271 S.
Gilmore, TX, 75645-7795
Phone: 903.734.4198
Fax: 903.734.4199


Mayhan has a long history of metal
fabrication.  Starting over 50 years ago we
begun the adventure of shaping, grinding,
welding, .and still continue today with the
same commitment to customer satisfaction.

We are a fully certified ASME shop with
both U & R stamps. We can help you from
conception to implementation with our
experienced engineering staff and wide
range of fabrication equipment.  

Many companies are faced with
re-evaluating their in-house fabrication
work and are deciding to out source some
or all of their work. With many years of
fabrication experience we can strategically
partner with you.